Emmett Kyoshi Wilson, an 18-year-old artist and Inclusion Pioneer, is a vibrant force advocating for individuals with unique abilities through his art. Based in Chicago and proud to have Down syndrome, Emmett has already achieved significant milestones in his artistic journey. With over 150 abstract masterpieces to his name, he has showcased his work in five gallery exhibitions within the last five years, including the honor of painting the American Flag for the American Embassy in Croatia.

In 2021, his creative vision was harnessed to produce Optimizely's new logo, a testament to his ability to enhance brand awareness in innovative ways. Emmett has partnered with Disney, Yahoo and Adobe in their various inclusion and diversity initiatives since 2020. Over the years, he has successfully raised more than $110,000 through the auction of his art pieces, benefiting prominent charitable organizations such as the National Association for Down Syndrome, The Jackson Chance Foundation, and The Greater Chicago Food Depository. Emmett's contributions extend beyond the canvas; his online presence, including his website and social media, serves as a powerful platform to further awareness and understanding of individuals with Down Syndrome and diverse abilities.

Emmett's art, celebrated internationally, is available for purchase as original works or signed giclée and canvas prints. His passion for redefining the art landscape for artists with unique abilities is exemplified through his collaborations with industry figures like Matthew Hoffman, the visionary creator behind the renowned "You are Beautiful" project. Emmett's artistic mission revolves around spreading messages of inclusion and ability, encapsulated in the timeless words of Dr. Seuss: "Why fit in when we are born to stand out."

Excitingly, Emmett is announcing the launch of his nonprofit foundation, "Emmett's World," in 2024. This foundation will be a beacon of advocacy and representation for artists with unique abilities, further amplifying his impact on the art world and the community. Stay tuned for the remarkable journey ahead!